Breakfast Tea & Bourbon Riddle

Who doesn't like bourbon for breakfast? Solve this treasure hunt and you'll end up with plenty of bourbon to go with your flapjacks.

Case of Buffalo Trace Bourbon
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Aug. 14, 2017
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Armchair Poem


Breakfast Tea & Bourbon is first and foremost a novel to enjoy. The characters in the story seek out a treasure worth $50,000, and woven within the pages of the book are real-life clues that led to an actual treasure worth $50,000.

The treasure was found during the summer of 2017, but shortly after a riddle was released with an additional prize was released. Solve the riddle and send your solution to the email address listed in the “Introduction to Your Treasure Hunt” chapter of Breakfast Tea & Bourbon. The riddle is an Armchair Treasure Hunt you can solve at home.

While purchasing the book is not a requirement, it is certainly encouraged to support the author.

Start Here

Head over to the author's website here to read the riddle and claim your bourbon!