Dirigo Treasures Maine

Find the 7 Dirigo stones in Maine and claim your prize!

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Dec. 1, 2020
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The Dirigo Treasures Maine playing card deck and treasure hunt were created to celebrate Maine's 200the year of statehood. Using an illustrated deck of 52 player cards plus two jokers you'll hunt for a treasure with a prize of $20,000. You'll be searching for seven Dirigo stones hidden throughout the state of Maine. The combined message on these stones will lead you to the cash prize.

Each card of the deck includes an illustration of an iconic location in Maine and identifying these locations is the first step in the hunt. Also included with your purchase of this hunt are additional steps and instructions for utilizing the player cards to lead you to the treasure's location.

Based on the description of this hunt on the official website, the first few steps toward the treasure can be completed without visiting Maine. However, boots on the ground (BOTG) will be required to retrieve the seven Dirigo stones and potentially the final treasure.

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