Expedition Utah: Salt Lake County

In the city you'll find the dough!

$5,000 Scholarship
Salt Lake County
Search Area
June 20, 2022
Start Date
Cipher Riddle Video


Expedition Utah is back another free hunt with a chest hidden somewhere in Salt Lake County. This is their 7th hunt in the Utah area with many more planned for the surrounding area. To find this treasure you'll want to watch the hunt video posted on their Youtube Channel here to learn some history of the area and get the hunt riddle. As usual, the creators expect this hunt to last about a month and may release additional hints/clues if the hunt lasts longer.

This time the prize at the end of the hunt is a $5,000 scholarship that can be used towards current school or past school debt. They will even allow you to transfer the prize to help pay for your child's schooling.

Start Here

Watch the treasure hunt Youtube video here for the hunt riddle/clues and be sure to follow along on Instagram @utahshiddentreasures @xpeditionutah for any updates.

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