Take that long awaited adventure in Acadia National Park and find the treasure before time runs out.

Mount Desert Island, Maine
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June 29, 2007
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Armchair Book


Told in the tradition of a narrative poem, this illustrated story follows Fandango, the clever fox, as he attempts to deliver a token of love (a golden key) - to the Goddess of the Wind. But when Fandango reaches the Goddess he discovers the key is lost. Where the key is lost is the mystery of FANDANGO. Can you find the key? Follow the fox on this hair-raising adventure. Be the first to solve the riddle and find the key and its treasure (worth over $10,000) could be yours. The creators have hidden clues both visual and verbal throughout the book. To start you on your way, they provide the first clue - the key was lost somewhere on Mount Desert Island in Maine.

This hunt officially ended on Thanksgiving Day 2020.

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This hunt officially ended on Thanksgiving Day 2020. More to come about the solution.