Forgotten History: Deception In A Box

Deception in a Box

Spider Figurine & Gem Amulet
United States
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Short Story
Sept. 21, 2021
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BOTG Short Story


Forgotten History Hunts is a series of free treasure hunts being posted on the Mysterious Writings forums. The prizes are small and unique but the hunts are fun and quick. While most of their hunts are armchair, this particular hunt will require boots on the ground (BOTG) to retrieve a key to claim the prize.

The treasure hunt includes a short list of instructions and a short story that should somehow lead you to a site to retrieve the key. To win the treasure hunt prize, submit the location and picture of yourself with the key at that location. You may verify the location before traveling to retrieve the key with the hunt creator. Winning submissions and confirmers can be emailed to the creator at

The prizes for this hunt are a mechanical spider figurine and an amulet with gems. These prizes are shown on the treasure hunt forum thread.

Start Here

The instructions and short story can be found on the Mysterious Writings forum here.

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