Forgotten History: The Lords of Delftware

Find the bee, find the treasure!

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May 1, 2022
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Armchair BOTG Cipher Illustration


Forgotten History Hunts is a series of free armchair treasure hunts being posted on the Mysterious Writings forums. The prizes are small and unique but the hunts are fun and will require your skilled deduction to solve. Questions and solutions can be submitted via the Mysterious Writings forums.

The next hunt in this series is titled "The Lords of Delftware" and follows the same format as previous hunts. An image (PDF) has been provided with images of the BOTG location and a ciphertext. Additional clues may be hidden throughout the image.

This hunt is both a BOTG hunt and an armchair hunt. Two winners will be awarded prizes from this hunt, each worth approx. $60. The first person to solve and send in the full, correct answer to the armchair ciphertext will win one prize and the first to retrieve the BOTG proxy item will win the other prize. Additional rules and information can be found on the Mysterious Writings forum.

Start Here

The image with clues can be found on the Mysterious Writings forum here for free.

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