Forgotten History: Sixteen Little Puzzles

16 puzzles to rule them all!

Prizes worth up to $122 approx. value
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Sept. 19, 2021
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Armchair Illustration Poem


Forgotten History Hunts is a series of free armchair treasure hunts being posted on the Mysterious Writings forums. The prizes are small and unique but the hunts are fun and quick. These hunts are completely armchair and do not require BOTG.

This hunt includes a list of instructions, 16 images, and a 32 line poem. To win the treasure hunt prizes you'll need to identify 16 smaller solutions and then identify the overarching theme or what they have in common. Each of the 16 smaller solutions should include an image, two lines of the poem, and an answer/solution. The first three solutions will earn a prize with a value ranging from $35 to $122 in approximate value.

Start Here

The instructions, images, and poem needed to solve this hunt have been posted on the Mysterious Writings forum here.

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