Gargaphia: Where History Means Murder

Gargaphia contains 4 stages and the first person to submit the correct response to all four wins the 1000 pieces of treasure.

1,000 valuable items (antiques, gold, silver, jewels, etc.)
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Dec. 11, 2019
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This 1,000 piece treasure contains 4 stages, the first person to submit the correct response to all four stages will be given the location of the Gargaphia Treasure! There are no travel requirements, you can complete the four stages from anywhere in the world.

The quest for great treasures lost in time or simply saved for the right explorer to unearth them. The great seeker probing the world over for clues into our humanity. A righteous renegade fighting for a cause against the grain of the masses. To me, all good stories offer an opportunity for adventure. Whether through the imagination of the reader or the ability for the reader to expand their knowledge for future endeavors, all good stories offer an opportunity for adventure. My lifetime love for adventure has created a keen interest in collecting valuable artifacts so that I could have a treasure of my own that I could one-day share with the world. When I wrote GARGAPHIA, I embedded a code within the writing. The sole purpose of the code was to see if someone could unlock the secrets of my treasure, and in the process, earn the rights to it.

The treasure will continually increase until someone solves its mystery. To begin, it contains more than 1,000 precious items from all over the world. When you submit the correct code, you will advance to the next stage that will guide you on your quest for my treasure. I wish you the best of luck in this story and hope that it provides you the opportunity for your own adventure.

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The first stage is available on the treasure hunt website here, but a copy of the book will need to be purchased here to decipher the message.