The Great US Treasure Hunt 2022

The Great US Treasure Hunt is back with more treasure than ever!

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July 30, 2022
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The Great US Treasure Hunt came to fame in 2021 when they hid four $10,000 treasures across the United States. The clues were delivered in the form of a purchasable eBook and prizes were hand-delivered in the form of a huge check by the hunt creators.

The 2022 hunts are underway and are being snatched up within hours of the clues being posted. Be sure to be on your toes when the next hunt drops! The cities they have selected for 2022 include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Austin, Washington DC, Asheville, and Milwaukee. In each city, a coin will be hidden and, when found and turned in, will be worth $1,000. Hunt clues will be delivered via email so be sure to register at to receive clues!

Here are the start dates for each of the six hunts across the United States:

  • July 30th: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • August 7th: Los Angeles, California
  • August 13th: Austin, Texas
  • August 20th: New York City, New York Washington, D.C.
  • August 27th: Asheville, North Carolina
  • September 3rd: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Be sure to check back often and subscribe as more details about this hunt are released and posted here.

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