The Great US Treasure Hunt

A nation-wide hunt with treasure that could be sitting under a tree in your favorite park.

Four $10,000 prizes
United States
Search Area
Nov. 13, 2020
Start Date


"The Great U.S. Treasure Hunt" has concluded with all four treasure being found but the eBook is still available on Amazon if you are interested in the puzzles. Each chapter can be decoded to spell out an exact location of a unique proxy item worth $10,000. When you go to that location and retrieve the item, you win $10,000.

The Great U.S. Treasure Hunt is truly a nationwide hunt with 4 separate treasures hidden at least 500 driving miles from each other, and the 2 farthest from each other will be nearly 2,000 driving miles apart. Hundreds of millions of Americans live within a day's drive of at least one of these items.

Unlike the Forrest Fenn or "The Secret" treasure hunts, The Great U.S. Treasure Hunt will not last for 10 years or more, and when someone wins, a $10,000 check will be delivered to the finder! The creator also plans to reveal exactly where the item was hidden, and how the messages in the book were decoded that led to the find. After just 30 days, extra clues will be provided via social media to make sure their treasure is discovered.

The items will be in public, not buried, within an easy walk of free parking, and not within 50 feet of any body of water; so no shovels, no metal detectors, no entry or parking fees, no swimming, boating, climbing, or hiking is necessary.

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You can still purchase the original treasure hunt eBook on Amazon here, if interested. If you are interested in other, similar treasure hunts be sure to check to full list of active treasure hunts on our homepage.

Hunt Progress

Chapter 3 was solved on Feb. 14th! Chapter 3 was solved by taking the first letter from words ending in -ING and -LY. Then by alternating between the two starting with an -ING word the message TINKERBELLS GRIFFIN AT FRANKLIN FOUNTAIN is produced. This lead the finder to the Tinkerbell playground in Pinkerton Park in Franklin, Tennesse. A griffin token was found attached to a drinking fountain with red tape. The finder has posted a video on Facebook here with more details about how she came up with the solution.

Chapter 1 was solved on Feb. 6th! Chapter 1 was solved by taking the first letter of repeated words in a sentence to produce the phrase TRISLIDE NAMPA LIONS HERMES BADGE. This led the finder to Lions Park in Nampa, Idaho where they found a Hermes badge. We are still waiting to hear more from the finder about how this chapter was solved.

Chapter 2 was solved on Jan. 20th! Chapter 2 was solved by identifying the letters after a comma in the chapter, in order. This provides the message TINY WINGS SANBORN BENCH RAILYARD PK SF NM, and led the finders to a specific bench in the Railyard Park in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A video of the find and additional details about the find have been provided by The Great US Treasure Hunt.

Chapter 4 was solved on Dec. 20th! Chapter 4 was solved by identifying all the One Hit Wonder song names and artists mentioned in the chapter, in order. Then alternating the first letter of the song name and artist, the code spelled out NORTH VEGAS ELDORADO BENCH SILVER Z. A quick google search will take you to a park in North Vegas where the proxy item was found stuck underneath one of the park picnic table benches. A video from the treasure hunt creator has been posted that further explaining the solution here.

  • The 4 treasures are hidden in 3 different time zones, 4 different states, East and West of Mississippi, North and South of the 40th parallel, separated by at least 500 miles. Source: Amy Seeks Interview w/ David
  • Not in California. Source: Twitter
  • 12/13 December Clue: "CHAPTER FOUR Singing loudly for all to hear, if it's a One Hit Wonder, then it should be clear, start your quest for treasure there." Source: Twitter
  • 12/17 Bonus Clue: "We've been asked about Chapter Four, do the song titles or artist names count, so we'd say the answer is Yes!" Source: Twitter
  • 12/19 Bonus Clue: "Begin it Where Warm Waters Haaaaa, just kidding. Hunting really begins when you get Rickrolled and ends 500 years in the future." Source: Twitter
  • 1/19 January Clue: "Speaking confidentially, CHAPTER TWO'S #StarWars rants are Kayla's opinions, opinions with which some, mostly nice people agree, many not too nice disagree, and everyone else finds ever ever so entertaining." Source: Twitter