GRRiddler 2023

Grand Rapids here we go!

Various Prizes
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Nov. 8, 2022
Start Date
BOTG Riddle Video


Keeping in the tradition of the Wyoming Riddler, a metal medallion has been hidden somewhere in the greater Grand Rapids area. The medallion will be marked with R.S.T.H (which means Read and Seek Treasure Hunt). On the first Tuesday of November, the riddle will be released. The puzzle can be solved by using a greater Grand Rapids area map to decipher the clues. The medallion will be accessible 24 hours a day by the public. Additional clues will be released on the first Tuesday of each month until February. The hunt will end on the last day of February. If the medallion is not found by that time, the hunt will be over and the prize will roll over to the next year.

Since the GRRiddler+ 2022 hunt went unsolved, the prize for that hunt will be rolled into the current hunt. The various prizes for this hunt are listed on the hunt website!

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Watch the video with the riddle on Youtube here.