Guardians of Legends

A board game with a real world treasure hunt twist.

Golden Egg
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April 2, 2019
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Guardians of Legends is a traditional board game and includes cards, counters, and tokens. On a basic level, the game itself is chock-a-block with adventures as it immerses players deep into the exploration of authentic legends from around the world. However, Guardians of Legends is so much more than just a board game. It also contains a series of clues that will allow players to participate in an IRL treasure hunt.

The treasure is a Golden egg, the unique creation of two Belgian jewelry artisans: Olivier Gangi and Cédric Sansen. It has been forged in 24-carat pure gold and boasts three 18-carat white gold leaves on a black gold base and is set with nearly 600 precious stones.

If you want to participate, simply connect to the site's forum using your unique code (which you'll find in the game box). Once the puzzles have been solved, players will be given the exact location of a real wooden chest hidden somewhere in the world. Once in possession of the chest, contact the Guardian of the Treasure to exchange the chest for the Golden Egg.

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Purchase the board game here to get your code and gain access to the clues.