Jingle Bell Rock 2022

Find the ROCK and claim your prize!

Las Vegas, Nevada
Search Area
Nov. 21, 2022
Start Date


The rock has been found! Read more on the official hunt website here! Be sure to check our homepage for more great treasure hunts around the United States and the world!

The Jingle Bell Rock treasure hunt is an annual hunt that takes place in the Las Vegas, Nevada area for a $10,000 prize. The local Vegas radio station, 96.3 KKLZ, hides a decorated rock somewhere in or around Las Vegas and releases hints daily on their radio station.

The 2022 hunt will kick off on November 21st when the first clue will be released and the rock will be hidden on December 9th in plain sight somewhere in Clark County. Per the hunt rules, only residents of Clark County, Nevada are eligible to claim the prize. Hunters will need to tune in at regular times to receive clues to the rock's location and also visit local businesses for additional bonus hints. The first person to find the Jingle Bell Rock will receive a $10,000 check from the station.

Clues will be released daily until the rock has been found. Tune at 7:10am, 9:10am,
11:25am, 1:10pm, and 5:10pm PT to receive the clues, or check back here as we track the clues for you!

Start Here

Visit the 96.3 KKLZ radio station website here for hunt details. As hunt clues are released, we'll be updating our list below. You can also find an official list of clues on the radio station's website here.

(Last Updated: 12/13/2022 @5:45pm)
The rock has been found! It's being reported that it was found somewhere in the Red Rock area.
Clue #89 (Dec. 13, 1:10p): Buzz made the trip and back
Clue #88 (Dec. 13, 11:25a): This you might hear more than see
Clue #87 (Dec. 13, 9:10a): If you’re sick, pull over
Clue #86 (Dec. 13, 7:10a): Keep what you know, throw away what you think
Clue #85 (Dec. 13, Bonus): A good book is worth a thousand words
Clue #84 (Dec. 12, 5:10p): Never think twice
Clue #83 (Dec. 12, 1:10p): A casino name it’s not
Clue #82 (Dec. 12, 11:25a): You might be right, or left
Clue #81 (Dec. 12, 9:10a): Take a minute, look around
Clue #80 (Dec. 12, 7:10a): I’m over here come get me
Clue #79 (Dec. 12, Bonus): Before you step forward, step back
Clue #78 (Dec. 9, 5:10p): It’s not easy to rock this roll
Clue #77 (Dec. 9, 1:10p): Seek the rock, follow your heart
Clue #76 (Dec. 9, 11:25a): Challenge yourself, not others
Clue #75 (Dec. 9, 9:10a): When you think, that's when you find
Clue #74 (Dec. 9, 7:10a): The opposite of up is not always down
Clue #73 (Dec. 9, Bonus): You can start here, but won’t end up here
Clue #72 (Dec. 8, 5:10p): It's your time to be the star
Clue #71 (Dec. 8, 1:10p): It's better to know than just think
Clue #70 (Dec. 8, 11:25a): This rock can stub your toe
Clue #69 (Dec. 8, 9:10a): Don't get frustrated, it's there
Clue #68 (Dec. 8, 7:10a): Begin every day the same way
Clue #67 (Dec. 8, Bonus): You can rock a boat but not here
Clue #66 (Dec. 7, 5:10p): Not everyone has the vision
Clue #65 (Dec. 7, 1:10p): Don't wish for it, find it
Clue #64 (Dec. 7, 11:25a): Go far but stay close
Clue #63 (Dec. 7, 9:10a): Not all who seek receive
Clue #62 (Dec. 7, 7:10a): Take a deep breath, it's frustrating
Clue #61 (Dec. 7, Bonus): Don't look out, look down
Clue #60 (Dec. 6, 5:10p): Plan exactly, execute carefully
Clue #59 (Dec. 6, 1:10p): Be patient you might already be there
Clue #58 (Dec. 6, 11:25a): Not everyone can win
Clue #57 (Dec. 6, 9:10a): If you think you can, you will
Clue #56 (Dec. 6, 7:10a): It's only as fun as you make it
Clue #55 (Dec. 6, Bonus): Not everyone will get it
Clue #54 (Dec. 5, 5:10p): Trust what you got here
Clue #53 (Dec. 5, 1:10p): The question is who's stopping you
Clue #52 (Dec. 5, 11:25a): Don't be afraid to make a mistake
Clue #51 (Dec. 5, 9:10a): Just when you think you're right
Clue #50 (Dec. 5, 7:10a): It's best not to overthink this
Clue #49 (Dec. 5, Bonus): You can honk, but will they hear?
Clue #48 (Dec. 2, 5:20p): Some follow some lead whatever
Clue #47 (Dec. 2, 1:10p): It's not always bad to let others pass
Clue #46 (Dec. 2, 11:25a): You can go slow just don't stop
Clue #45 (Dec. 2, 9:10a): Your passion outweighs the boredom
Clue #44 (Dec. 2, 7:10a): Don't be scared we all go through it
Clue #43 (Dec. 2, Bonus): If it's not there you won't find it
Clue #42 (Dec. 1, 5:10p): Quit making excuses, just do it
Clue #41 (Dec. 1, 1:10p): Plan now to search later
Clue #40 (Dec. 1, 11:25a): It's not always fun, but interesting
Clue #39 (Dec. 1, 9:10a): Don't worry about the fail, just win
Clue #38 (Dec. 1, 7:10a): Consider changing your mind to succeed
Clue #37 (Dec. 1, Bonus): Sometimes life is up and down
Clue #36 (Nov. 30, 5:10p): Go ahead and make the first move
Clue #35 (Nov. 30, 1:10p): Confusion is a part of the game
Clue #34 (Nov. 30, 11:25a): Left side right side it's all the same
Clue #33 (Nov. 30, 9:10a): It's only once that keeps you coming back
Clue #32 (Nov. 30, 7:10a): Once you knock someone might answer
Clue #31 (Nov. 30, Bonus): Don't be afraid to look again
Clue #30 (Nov. 29, 5:10p): Twice is nice but it might not be needed
Clue #29 (Nov. 29, 1:10p): Everyone thinks they know the way
Clue #28 (Nov. 29, 11:25a): Figure out what makes sense
Clue #27 (Nov. 29, 9:10a): Everyone can talk you do you
Clue #26 (Nov. 29, 7:10a): Even now you're still in it
Clue #25 (Nov. 29, Bonus): You're stronger than you think
Clue #24 (Nov. 28, 5:10p): The fastest doesn't always win
Clue #23 (Nov. 28, 1:10p): Believe in you and no one else
Clue #22 (Nov. 28, 11:25a): Some will laugh but you will win
Clue #21 (Nov. 28, 9:10a): Something so precious is so near
Clue #20 (Nov. 28, 7:10a): You will lose sleep but don't close your eyes
Clue #19 (Nov. 28, Bonus): The way to go is in front of you
Clue #18 (Now. 23, 5:10p): The commitment is the key
Clue #17 (Nov. 23, 1:10p): Look toward the light...or not
Clue #16 (Nov. 23, 11:25a): Keep those that help close
Clue #15 (Nov. 23, 9:10a): The rock awaits those that search
Clue #14 (Nov. 23, 7:10a): If it all makes sense, it might not
Clue #13 (Nov. 23, Bonus): Pace yourself
Clue #12 (Nov. 22, 5:10p): Do you have all that you need
Clue #11 (Nov. 22, 1:10p): This is the time to reflect
Clue #10 (Nov. 22, 11:25a): It can be confusing if you don't listen
Clue #9 (Nov. 22, 9:10a): Some things appear what they're not
Clue #8 (Nov. 22, 7:10a): Don't let others steer you wrong
Clue #7 (Nov. 22, Bonus): You might have been here before
Clue #6 (Nov. 21, 5:10p): Not all of us will help you
Clue #5 (Nov. 21, 1:10p): It's your time to cash in
Clue #4 (Nov. 21, 11:25a): Trust the past and look towards the future
Clue #3 (Nov. 21, 9:10a): Take what you've learned and apply
Clue #2 (Nov. 21, 7:10a): The reward is worth the grab
Clue #1 (Nov. 21, Bonus): Relax you have the time

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