Jingle Bell Rock Las Vegas 2023

Find the ROCK and claim your prize!

Las Vegas, Nevada
Search Area
Nov. 20, 2023
Start Date


The jingle bell rock has been found! The rock was found on Friday, December 15th at the corner of Foothills Drive and Wagon Wheel Drive. Be sure to check our homepage for more great treasure hunts around the United States and the world!

The Jingle Bell Rock treasure hunt is an annual hunt that takes place in the Las Vegas, Nevada area for a $10,000 prize. The local Vegas radio station, 96.3 KKLZ, hides a decorated rock somewhere in or around Las Vegas and releases hints daily on their radio station. If you are the lucky searcher to claim the rock, you'll win a $10,000 prize!

The 2023 hunt will kick off on Monday, November 20th when the first clue will be released. However, the rock won't be hidden until December 15th somewhere in Clark County. Per the hunt rules, only residents of Clark County, Nevada are eligible to claim the prize. Hunters will need to tune in at regular times to receive clues to the rock's location and also visit local businesses for additional bonus hints. The first person to find the Jingle Bell Rock will receive a $10,000 check from the station.

Clues will be released daily until the rock has been found. Tune your radio to 96.3 KKLZ at 7:10 am, 9:10 am, 11:25 am, 1:10 pm, and 5:10 pm PST to receive the clues. An additional bonus clue will be released daily at a local Meineke Car Care Center. Be sure to check back here as we track all the clues for you!

Start Here

Visit the 96.3 KKLZ radio station website here for hunt details. As hunt clues are released, we'll be updating our list below.

Note: There will be no clues announced on Thanksgiving Day (November 23, 2023), Black Friday (November 24, 2023), and Friday, December 22, 2023, at 1:10 pm PT, and 5:10 pm PT.

(Last Updated: 12/15/23 2:30p)
Clue #111 (Dec. 15, 1:10p): See the big picture
Clue #110 (Dec. 15, 11:25a): Start slow then pick it up
Clue #109 (Dec. 15, 9:10a): Only so many are allowed
Clue #108 (Dec. 15, 7:10a): The Grass isn't always greener
Clue #107 (Dec. 15, Bonus): You might end where you finish
Clue #106 (Dec. 14, 5:10p): There's more than one way
Clue #105 (Dec. 14, 1:10p): Stay on your toes
Clue #104 (Dec. 14, 11:25a): Try not to outthink it
Clue #103 (Dec. 14, 9:10a): Don't fear the end
Clue #102 (Dec. 14, 7:10a): Your decline can be uplifting
Clue #101 (Dec. 14, Bonus): When you can't go any further, you can
Clue #100 (Dec. 13, 5:10p): Try not to meander
Clue #99 (Dec. 13, 1:10p): Look down and around
Clue #98 (Dec. 13, 11:25a): You will stray but come back
Clue #97 (Dec. 13, 9:10a): There is power with friends
Clue #96 (Dec. 13, 7:10a): It will soon be your time
Clue #95 (Dec. 13, Bonus): The search takes you high and low
Clue #94 (Dec. 12, 5:10p): It will all come together
Clue #93 (Dec. 12, 1:10p): Don't think make sure you know
Clue #92 (Dec. 12, 11:25a): Listen to the silence
Clue #91 (Dec. 12, 9:10a): This might be the long way around
Clue #90 (Dec. 12, 7:10a): Don't let your eyes outsmart you
Clue #89 (Dec. 12, Bonus): This fountain takes time
Clue #88 (Dec. 11, 5:10p): Let your feet do the walking
Clue #87 (Dec. 11, 1:10p): Sometimes you can go too far
Clue #86 (Dec. 11, 11:25a): Don't let others steer you wrong
Clue #85 (Dec. 11, 9:10a): Be in the game right now
Clue #84 (Dec. 11, 7:10a): Silver is one thing cash is another
Clue #83 (Dec. 11, Bonus): You're on the right track
Clue #82 (Week 4, Bonus): Don't get caught off guard
Clue #81 (Dec. 8, 5:10p): Make it matter, make it count
Clue #80 (Dec. 8, 1:10p): Not all who seek will always find
Clue #79 (Dec. 8, 11:25a): Don't worry about others you got this
Clue #78 (Dec. 8, 9:10a): The find is easy, the search is difficult
Clue #77 (Dec. 8, 7:10a): Be in the moment, not the place
Clue #76 (Dec. 8, Bonus): Sometimes it only takes one
Clue #75 (Dec. 7, 5:10p): This is where you get off
Clue #74 (Dec. 7, 1:10p): You got this stay calm
Clue #73 (Dec. 7, 11:25a): You might be surprised
Clue #72 (Dec. 7, 9:10a): Save the shades for another time
Clue #71 (Dec. 7, 7:10a): Rub the eyes and keep looking
Clue #70 (Dec. 7, Bonus): Not everyone will have to agree
Clue #69 (Dec. 6, 5:10p): Not everyone will win
Clue #68 (Dec. 6, 1:10p): The dream is real, the prize in reach
Clue #67 (Dec. 6, 11:25a): Head this way before you turn
Clue #66 (Dec. 6, 9:10a): This can be a bit too much
Clue #65 (Dec. 6, 7:10a): Your mind is like scrambled eggs
Clue #64 (Dec. 6, Bonus): The effort will be well worth it
Clue #63 (Dec. 5, 5:10p): Details will be important
Clue #62 (Dec. 5, 1:10p): Don't forget to shoot the breeze
Clue #61 (Dec. 5, 11:25a): Only you can claim the prize
Clue #60 (Dec. 5, 9:10a): Stay wide awake and think
Clue #59 (Dec. 5, 7:10a): Hey remember this is supposed to be fun
Clue #58 (Dec. 5, Bonus): Some clues will bug you
Clue #57 (Dec. 4, 5:10p): Your notes are important
Clue #56 (Dec. 4, 1:10p): Don't stop now the time is near
Clue #55 (Dec. 4, 11:25a): How you rebound is the story
Clue #54 (Dec. 4, 9:10a): Not everyone is left-footed
Clue #53 (Dec. 4, 7:10a): Remember it's not complicated
Clue #52 (Dec. 4, Bonus): Hello, I'm right here waiting
Clue #51 (Week 3, Bonus): You Are Not My Brother
Clue #50 (Dec. 1, 5:10p): Zig now zag later
Clue #49 (Dec. 1, 1:10p): It all looks the same but it's not
Clue #48 (Dec. 1, 11:25a): Lead the way but don’t get lost
Clue #47 (Dec. 1, 9:10a): Feel the wind in your hair
Clue #46 (Dec. 1, 7:10a): You're not alone look around
Clue #45 (Dec. 1, Bonus): Look around at where you are
Clue #44 (Nov. 30, 5:10p): Plan now for what comes next
Clue #43 (Nov. 30, 1:10p): Be prepared for the journey
Clue #42 (Nov. 30, 11:25a): Keep your head in the game
Clue #41 (Nov. 30, 9:10a): Wave as you go by
Clue #40 (Nov. 30, 7:10a): Change the course but not your mind
Clue #39 (Nov. 30, Bonus): The road is long, but not winding
Clue #38 (Nov. 29, 5:10p): It's the same song and dance
Clue #37 (Nov. 29, 1:10p): It all sounds the same but it's not
Clue #36 (Nov. 29, 11:25a): You could but don't worry
Clue #35 (Nov. 29, 9:10a): It only takes one time to win it all
Clue #34 (Nov. 29, 7:10a): Ring the bell then run
Clue #33 (Nov. 29, Bonus): Some will take a double-take
Clue #32 (Nov. 28, 5:10p): I've been here but maybe not there
Clue #31 (Nov. 28, 1:10p): Go in all directions but this is the way
Clue #30 (Nov. 28, 11:25a): You've gotten this far don't give up
Clue #29 (Nov. 28, 9:10a): It might be best to stay home
Clue #28 (Nov. 28, 7:10a): Everyone starts at the same time
Clue #27 (Nov. 28, Bonus): You got this, stay the course
Clue #26 (Nov. 27, 5:10p): Being quick doesn't mean you're fast
Clue #25 (Nov. 27, 1:10p): It's all fun and games
Clue #24 (Nov. 27, 11:25a): Don't laugh you might find it
Clue #23 (Nov. 27, 9:10a): Keep in mind it could be right there
Clue #22 (Nov. 27, 7:10a): Those that look won't find it now
Clue #21 (Nov. 27, Bonus): Don't follow what you know
Clue #20 (Week 2, Bonus): This is the crux of the matter
Clue #19 (Nov. 22, 5:10p): Most importantly, patience
Clue #18 (Nov. 22, 1:10p): Some will look around
Clue #17 (Nov. 22, 11:25a): Point the way, but don’t always follow
Clue #16 (Nov. 22, 9:10a): Take the needed steps forward
Clue #15 (Nov. 22, 7:10a): Look at your watch you have the time
Clue #14 (Nov. 22, Bonus): It's not always right there
Clue #13 (Nov. 21, 5:10p): Everything is possible if you want it
Clue #12 (Nov. 21, 1:10p): Don't let your mind wander
Clue #11 (Nov. 21, 11:25a): You might think you know, but do you?
Clue #10 (Nov. 21, 9:10a): Not everything will make sense
Clue #9 (Nov. 21, 7:10a): Don't let others control your search
Clue #8 (Nov. 21, Bonus): Keep track of it all
Clue #7 (Nov. 20, 5:10p): Your time is valuable and so is the rock
Clue #6 (Nov. 20, 1:10p): Friends can help, but do they?
Clue #5 (Nov. 20, 11:25a): Keep it simple it all works out
Clue #4 (Nov. 20, 9:10a): Apply what you've learned
Clue #3 (Nov. 20, 7:10a): Sit back, relax, and collect
Clue #2 (Nov. 20, Bonus): Pace yourself
Clue #1 (Week 1, Bonus): Don't be half-hearted in your search

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