Johnnys Treasure Quest

Hunts scattered across Michigan, just waiting for you to claim them!

Valued at $5,000+
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April 3, 2021
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Johnnys Treasure Quest is hosting treasure hunts across Michigan and they've had a lot of participation and success in their hunts during 2020. Another round of 16 hunts will be starting in April of 2021 with prizes valued at $5,000 or more depending on the hunt you choose.

Once registered you'll need to join the official Facebook group for the hunt you are participating in. Via this Facebook group, you'll be provided with any maps, riddles, clues, and any other information you'll need to solve the hunt and claim your prize! Hunting as a family or team is encourage on this hunt and a single entry fee is all you need to get started.

Remember, X marks the spot!

Start Here

Head over to the Johnnys Treasure Quest website here to register for your first hunt!