Legend of Avarice: Bad Omen

Get lost in the Nevada Triangle

Nevada, California
Search Area
March 18, 2022
Start Date
BOTG Illustration Short Story


Legend has it, hidden deep within the realms of mystery, lay an ancient treasure, protected by rituals and enchantments, resting in obscurity across centuries. Legend of Avarice: Bad Omen is the second hunt produced by Legend Has It with more hunts coming soon. The hunt takes place in the Nevada Triangle which encompasses parts of Nevada and California between the cities of Reno, Fresno, and Las Vegas. The prize for this hunt starts at $2000 and will increase with each entry. Be sure to check the official website to see the updated prize pool.

Correct solutions for these hunts will be submitted by taking a picture of the solution location, which helps circumvent any laws that would restrict hiding a physical treasure. A commemorative coin, however, can be found at the solution location for confirmation of your solution. This is to help prevent hunters from finding the proxy item and holding onto it while the prize pool continues to grow.

Once you purchase this hunt you will be placed in a "preparation period" of three weeks during which you will not be allowed to claim the treasure. This "preparation period" is intended to prevent hunters who first solve the hunt, then purchase the hunt, and immediately submit the solution to claim the cash prize. You'll also be refunded your entry fee if the hunt is solved during your "preparation period".

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