The Letters of St Germain

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Horn of Magistrum
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Feb. 27, 2021
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To find the Horn of Magistrum treasure, searchers must first read the book, follow the journey of Comte de St. Germain, and discover the final location of the hidden proxy. Clues to nine locations in North America where St. Germain traveled are key to claiming the Horn of Magistrum.

To claim the prize, searchers must submit the nine locations St. Germain traveled on The Letters of St. Germain website. If submitted correctly, the final clue will be provided. This final clue will reveal the precise location of the proxy for a searcher to go retrieve and claim the treasure.

After retrieving the proxy item, the finder will be awarded the Count's treasured Horn of Magistrum. The Horn is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted, quartz encrusted, 10" buffalo horn. More details can be found on the hunt's website about this unique prize.

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