The Story of Leveret: An Enchanting Hare

An ode to The Treasure Trove.

15-20 unique jewelry pieces & $1000
Continental United States
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April 22, 2022
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The Story of Leveret: An Enchanting Hare is a fantasy novella by Beth Hovanec and William Gardner about a group of creatures and magical feys from an enchanted forest. You can follow their adventures as they search for lost keys that control the changing of the four seasons. Along the way, they find friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Inspired by Michael Stadther's A Treasure Trove, Leveret's story is a real-life treasure hunt with 15-20 proxy tokens hidden all over the Continental United States for you to find. Read the story, look for clues in the text and the artwork, and solve the puzzles. Go on an adventure like the creatures in the story and if you find a token, turn it in for a handmade piece of jewelry, original artwork, and maybe a cash prize too.

The full-color, 96-page book is available for purchase for $35, which includes shipping. You'll need to go boots on the ground (BOTG) to retrieve the tokens once you work out the clues and be sure to notify the creators to claim your prizes.

Each winner will receive a handmade piece of jewelry and the original watercolor art that corresponds to the puzzle solved. Additional cash prizes will be awarded to finders of fey and master key tokens. There is $1000 worth of cash prizes in addition to the 15-20 jewelry and watercolor prizes.

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Head over to the Mysterious Writings forum here to learn more and get details on how to purchase the book.

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