Lost Bounty

Beachcomber's delight! One on the East; one on the West.

United States
Search Area
Oct. 15, 2020
Start Date
BOTG Riddle


The riddles for this hunt will lead you to a pair of buried bottles somewhere in the United States. One is buried on an East coast beach while the other can be found on a West coast beach. Each bottle contains items and information about how to claim your prize. On the treasure hunt's website, you'll find two incomplete riddles, each with a set of words to fill in the blanks. When you've resolved the riddles with the matching words you'll have all you need to find the treasure and claim your prize.

The prize for each bottle found is a quarter of the entire donation pool for this hunt. The other two quarters of the prize pool will be donated to a charity of the solver's choosing. The creator of this hunt has already seeded the prize pool but expects it to grow as more participates join. Good luck and happy hunting!

Start Here

Head over to the website here to complete the riddles or donate to the prize pool here.