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March 21, 2024
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The fourth annual Masquerade Tribute Hunt by Mysterious Writings is already in full swing and main hunt kicks off on March 21st.

Each year Armchair Treasure Hunters come together as a community to participate in the annual Masquerade Tribute of Hunts for Charity. The Tribute is not only a charitable event, but also honors the 1979 treasure hunt entitled Masquerade, which coined the term ‘armchair treasure hunt'. Multiple Treasure Hunts for The Annual Masquerade Tribute are released on the Spring Equinox/March 21. Clues are given in each of the hunts for their individual treasures. The first person/s to solve the clues can claim the treasures*. Hunts vary from being fully armchair or BOTG.

Here's a schedule for the hunt releases:

Mini Hunts:
2/1 – Forgotten History Hunts
2/8 – Riddle Me This Hunts
2/15 – Mysterious Writings
2/22 – Mis Digging Rules
2/29- Forgotten History Hunts
3/7- Riddle Me This Hunts
3/14- The Art of Hidden Messages

3/21 - Release of all 7 Main Hunts
Forgotten History Hunts
Riddle Me This Hunt
Mysterious Writings
The Art of Hidden Messages
Mis Digging Rules
TC Treasure
The Hope Chest

Start Here

Head over to the Mysterious Writings website here to learn more about the treasure hunt and how to enter.