Mission Overland Quest

A token hidden in every National Forest in the US. What's not to like?

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United States
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March 2, 2020
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This is a quest designed to get people out into the woods and go exploring in the lands set aside for us to do so. Scattered across the US are over 150 National Forests and Mission Overland has hidden treasure in each of them. While the prizes may not be as grand as other hunts, the level of difficulty puts these hunts within grasp for most treasure seekers.

What are you looking for? You are looking for a capsule that is made of two white PVC end caps taped together with bright orange tape. Inside you will find a few things but one will be a numbered coin corresponding to the set of clues you solved to reach the capsule location.

Where are these things? The goal was to hide a capsule in EVERY National Forest but I slightly changed that along the way. For instance, if a National Forrest was jointly managed, there would be a single capsule hidden there. For example, the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests are managed together so there would only be one capsule hidden within the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. I’ll make it easy though and post the list I am using.

When will the clues be released? Clues to the capsule locations will be slowly released over time on the Mission Overland website.

Start Here

Visit the treasure hunt website here to find the clues.