Mr. Clue's Bourbon Derby Treasure

It's Derby time with Mr. Clue!

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March 7, 2021
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This treasure hunt went unsolved and the answer was posted in the description of the Youtube video.

Once again Mr. Clue is back with a free treasure hunt for all to enjoy. From what we can surmise, this hunt is themed after the Kentucky Derby annual horse race and will include visuals of bets on the race as clues.

From past hunts, we can also assume that knowledge of ciphers will be required to solve this hunt but it seems this hunt differs from other Mr. Clues hunts can be solved without boots on the ground (BOTG). Deciphering the clues in the video should reveal a phrase that can be submitted via the comments section on the video. The winner will be revealed on May 1st.

The prizes for this hunt can be seen in the video and include a 5 oz Cumberland Gap Silver coin and a 12 oz sterling silver julep cup. Additionally, the hunt will start with nine silver-proof Kentucky state quarters. Each week a silver quarter will be removed from the prize pool until the Kentucky Derby or the correct solution is submitted. So get racing on this hunt quickly!

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The video premier for this hunt is scheduled for March 7th at 6:00 PM EST here on Youtube.

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