Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt 2023

This notoriously perplexing annual hunt is back!

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Dec. 25, 2023
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Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt is an annual hunt that has been running since 1985. The hunt is named in memory of armchair treasure hunter Pablo Coombs who created a similar annual armchair treasure hunt but has since passed. The hunt is published before Christmas each year when a small group hides a treasure somewhere in England and releases a set of puzzles and clues that, when solved, will reveal the treasure's location. The treasure is usually hidden somewhere in South England, within 100 miles of London, but the entirety of England is in play.

The treasure is physically placed somewhere in England, but "virtual finds" are encouraged by teams from outside the country or teams that have other reasons for not being able to physically locate the treasure. Virtual finds can be submitted on the hunt website. When all is said and done, multiple trophies are awarded to the teams that best solve the puzzles and clues.

This year's hunt is being hidden by Beet and will commence on our around December 25th.

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