Six Treasures: Season One - Home Town Madness

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Michigan and surrounding states
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Nov. 20, 2020
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Six Treasures is a film series based on treasure hunting that includes an interactive treasure hunt with hints and clues scattered throughout each episode. It's composed of six seasons, that correlate to six different hidden treasures, each increasing in value, quite possibly even to the sum of hundreds of thousands.

​Throughout this film series, you’ll follow the story of a group of High School Seniors that "acquire" the maps to six mysterious treasures through a series of unfortunate happenings. Five teenagers that have nothing in common will have to work together to strike gold.

Within each episode there will be a “clue” hidden within a scene, that when combined and solved correctly, will lead to a real treasure worth thousands of dollars hidden somewhere within the United States.

Season One includes a treasure worth $10,000 dollars and is located somewhere within 500 miles from the center of Michigan, as a crow flies.

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