Teaser: A Texas Adventure and Treasure Hunt

A Texas Adventure and Treasure Hunt

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Jan. 17, 2022
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When Sis and Punkin fall asleep playing a game of riddles, a real game begins. The children and their dog soar on a flying carpet to a faraway town in Texas. The town and its only bank face a catastrophe. The town banker cannot locate the bank’s money. The pumpkin-headed town mayor enlists Sis and Punkin to help the banker. Teaser, a rascally critter, has a different plan. Teaser wants to find and keep the lost money. Sis and Punkin journey through Texas crossing paths, clues, and a riddle or two with a curious lot of treasure hunters. Near the finish, Sis and Punkin uncover something more valuable than expected. Unravel the clues for a discovery, or two.

Teaser: A Texas Adventure and Treasure Hunt is a children's book by Rob Hancock that includes a real-world treasure hunt that will lead one lucky searcher to a prize located somewhere in Texas. What's the prize you might ask? Well, that's to be discovered as well and can be unveiled by searching for and deciphering the clues within the book's pages.

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