The Golden Oyster

Somewhere in the town of Whitstable, United Kingdom a valuable golden oyster is hiding

Golden oyster brooch & £500
Whitstable, UK
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May 29, 2020
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Somewhere in the town of Whitstable a valuable golden oyster is hiding, and there’s a book of 22 picture clues revealing the treasure’s exact location. The first person to solve the puzzles claims the prize. And it can be found without leaving your armchair. That means anyone can become a gold-hunting adventurer!

The ‘treasure’ is a unique gold-plated oyster brooch, plus a cash prize based on the number of players involved in the game.

The 22 clues for the Golden Oyster treasure hunt are available in a printed booklet for £8 including UK delivery (international postage also available.) Each booklet sale adds around £5 to the prize fund.

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