The Hare On The Moon

A hunt in the style of Masquerade based out of the UK.

Original Artwork
United Kingdom
Search Area
Nov. 1, 2019
Start Date


The Hare On The Moon is a Masquerade-style, illustrated book with a treasure to be uncovered within its pages. The book is illustrated by the creator, Joanna May, and is also printed in hardcover with gold foil borders, embossed flowers, and symbols. While the search area hasn't been official announced, one can assume it will be found within the Wiltshire, UK area.

In the book, you will embark on a mystical journey, with the hare and the help of the man on the moon, to unlock the star signs and to find the treasures which help to release her. The pages are interspersed with beautiful illustrations helping to guide you. Your mission is to find the clues, identify the required words, and find the map coordinates to locate the sacred site.

The prize for the first person to correctly identify the location is a beautiful original Joanna May painting – ‘Three Hares on a Golden Moon’ – depicting the famous three hares with the interlinking ears believed to be an ancient fertility symbol. The prize is in safekeeping and will be awarded to the winner no earlier than two years after the book was first published, near to when the moon is at its fullest on Nov. 2st, 2021. If the solution has not been correctly solved by then, the hunt will be extended.

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Purchase the book on Joanna May's website here.