The Hatter's Hat Wonderland Treasure

Fall down the rabbit hole to find the treasure in this story.

$10,000+ in treasure
United States
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Nov. 27, 2020
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All the clues you need to find the golden key and claim the treasure chest are contained in the book The Hatter's Hat, a prequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, The Hatter's Hat tells the tale of how Wonderland was formed and the tale of Wonderland's lesser-known heroine, Mary Ann, the Rabbit's housemaid. When the Queen of Hearts accuses Mary Ann of stealing her tarts, will Mary Ann be able to prove her innocence? Or will it be 'off with her head?'

Somewhere in the USA, a treasure chest lies hidden. Inside there is a golden key and a message written on a hundred dollar bill. If you can find the golden key and reveal the secret message, a real-world treasure awaits you. The treasure includes rubies, sapphires, diamonds, silver, gold, rare collectible coins, a 24-karat gold plated "Alice in Wonderland" charm bracelet, and more worth over $10,000.

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