The Secret

You'll need to bring a shovel to find these buried casques through North America.

Gemstones worth $1,000
United States and Canada
Search Area
Nov. 1, 1982
Start Date
BOTG Illustration Poem


Published almost 40 years ago, only 3 of the 12 hidden casques within the pages of The Secret and scattered across the US have been found. This hunt has since been featured in several episodes of the TV show Expedition Unknown and still attracts new hunters willing to explore the book's secrets to find the treasures. The third of the three found casques was found in 2019, so there is still hope for more to be found.

Casques are believed to be hidden in various cities across the US and Canada including New York City, San Francisco, Milwaukee, New Orleans, St. Augustine, Roanoke Island, Montreal and Houston.

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