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Oct. 21, 2024
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Comprised of pounds of gold, precious metals, and rare gems along with one-of-a-kind objects owned or created by the likes of Picasso, Carnegie, Washington, Tiffany, Thoreau, and Onassis, this treasure stands alone. Read the stories of the fascinating rare items that make up this treasure. Glean from them to help you discover where these riches are located. The culmination of five years of work, this extensive treasure hunt led its creator to learn much more than he expected. Find out what inspired him. Uncover what he realized. Share the joy he found along the way. Then, if you wish, follow the clues to find the incredible treasures showcased in this book.

Jon Collins-Black, a multi-millionaire, has announced the publication of a new treasure hunt book that will lead hunters to five treasure boxes worth "millions upon millions". More to come on this one as information is released.

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