Uncharted Lancaster Easter Egg Hunt

The hunt is on in Lancaster County!

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
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April 9, 2022
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The Lancaster Country Easter Egg Hunt is the second treasure hunt being produced by Uncharted Lancaster and hopefully not their last. They've hidden a 3D-printed Easter egg somewhere in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and if you're the lucky soul to find it, you'll be $1,500 richer. That's right, a chest weighing 27 pounds filled with one dollars coins is the prize at the end of this hunt.

To aid you in the hunt, you'll want to first purchase a treasure map from the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County’s website. Not only will this help you in your hunt but is also a great piece of history that you can hang on your wall. In addition to the map, you'll need to solve the riddles that will be posted weekly on the Uncharted Lancaster website. They've already posted the first riddle to get you started! By solving the riddles and deciphering the clues you'll uncover segments of GPS coordinates that will lead you to the Easter egg's location.

The hunt begins on Saturday, April 9th at 7 am when the first of five additional riddles will be revealed. Riddles will continue to be released weekly, each Saturday until the final clue is disclosed on Saturday, May 7th. The first to find the egg will be crowned the winner and awarded the $1,500 prize.

Start Here

The Easter Egg has been found and the $1,500 has been claimed! Head over to the Uncharted Lancaster website here to get the full solution.

Head over to the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County’s website here to purchase your treasure map and check the Uncharted Lancaster website here for the hunt riddles!