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June 15, 2024
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The hunt is on for this year's annual Utah Treasure Hunt! Same format as previous years with a poem that needs to be "solved" to lead you to the treasure chest except this year's poem is written in spanish. The translation will allow for some interesting solves this year!

Be sure to follow the hunt's Instagram accounts @the.cline.fam and @onthejohn. The is no entry cost, so this hunt is completely FREE!

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Clues & Hints

The first clue for this year's hunt was released on Saturday, June 15th via email and the hunt's website. Here's the image provided, the transcribed text of the poem, and a loose translation. I'd recommend translating the poem yourself or seek someone fluent in spanish to get their own interpretation. Good luck!

Si sufres dolor que se cura con oro
Busca el atajo donde canta el coro
Encuentra el lugar por el cual se nombra
Dale la vuelta y sigue la sombra
¿dónde aprendes a oler el helado?
¿O comimos langostas en el pasado?
Cuando vuelves a mirar el amanecer
Sigue derecho, lo puede hacer
Mira los números como si fueras un cuervo
La edad cuando el llegó es lo que observo
Ahora estás cerca, una última pista
Muévete al lugar con la mejor vista

If you suffer pain that is cured with gold
Find the shortcut where the choir sings
Find the place it is named after
Turn around and follow the shadow
where do you learn to smell ice cream?
Or did we eat lobsters in the past?
When you look at the sunrise again
Go straight, you can do it
Look at the numbers like you're a crow
The age when he arrived is what I observe
Now you're close, one last clue
Move to the place with the best view