You Find Treasure

Decode, Hunt, Dig until You Find Treasure

25 x $150
Western United States
Search Area
March 22, 2022
Start Date
BOTG Cipher Video


Over the last year, Kyle from You Find Treasure has buried 25 different treasures across the Western United States. Each treasure contains a $100 bill in a waterproof case and an additional $50 can be claimed by the finder by providing picture/video proof of your find. These hunts are completely free to participate and Kyle hopes to hide even more treasures in the future.

Clues will be provided to searchers via Youtube and each will include a cipher that once solved will lead searchers directly to the treasure location via coordinates. In addition to the cipher, text clues will be provided to get you in the general area, and visuals of the buried treasure location are also provided to help you narrow down where you should dig.

Start Here

Head over to the hunt website here to learn more and be sure to check the You Find Treasure Youtube channel here for any new clue videos.