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The Hatter's Riddle Cache
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Jan. 12, 2023
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Armchair Book Riddle


From the creator of The Hatter's Hat, The Mad Tea Party, and the Treasure Island treasure hunts comes a brand new hunt! On the surface, the book Best Riddles For Kids, Teens, and Adults by David Jacobson looks like just a collection of riddles to enjoy with friends and family, but if you are witty enough and can solve The Hatter's Riddle, a real-world treasure awaits. The hunt is entirely armchair and does not require you to retrieve a physical proxy.

The first person to correctly solve the master riddle (details provided in the book) and decode a secret message using hints and clues scattered throughout the book will win a real-world treasure. Be sure to sign up for the email mailing list on the home page to receive important updates and details.

The Hatter's Riddle Cache contains all of the following: a red ruby over a silver ring; a green emerald over a silver ring; a blue sapphire over a silver ring, An American Eagle gold coin, a number of silver coins, 1 Pearl Sterling Silver Strand bracelet, and a bed of world coins, in a small wooden treasure chest. Be the first to solve and report The Hatter's Riddle solution to claim this treasure cache.

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